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There are thousands of fiverr buyer and seller. Shoppers his mind always wants to create a logo design. The design of the fiverr a medium, but now has the highest number of new sellers. So those vendors with the old logo did not work all the time they want to buy new vendors who can do the job. Who are they to make better design gets the job done paraphrase they just have not been working. They do not work and those that do not. I have the right to work, everyone is talking about. All vendors need to be done so the new with the old. Now, talk to me. I fiverr join, and 8 am to 1 month are received. 7 people liked his work. 1 person did not like the job I’ve sent him back the money. This is honesty. But why does a lot of my work? We are better than girls, but the boys can make design. Because there is confidence in our work. If you like me, then you can come to my profile redirected. If you like it if you can, or you can talk with a message to your needs. If you want to do good, you will have more money to spend. $ 5 will get you the job but must improve. A designer can not work because sometimes you bad. If you know something, tell somebody. I wish you well …

Thank You Everybody :slight_smile:

So, is this how they speak in the US these days? This is virtually unintelligible. Is it Google Translated or something?

Can’t you see she’s a model? Malnourishment does wicked things.

Looking at the reviews, I can’t help but suspect someone has multiple accounts, either. I have no evidence, but those card logos from the same buyer don’t link to any sites, and their own profile has some rather notable similar errors and similarities. Not to mention a deleted gig somewhere in the mix.

Hmmmmmm. Oh well, I don’t care enough to play detective tonight.

I just spewed my coffee over my keyboard when reading this. There is not one sentence that actually makes sense.

Great point Jessica, well said.

And welcome to Fiverr!

Well, this sentence makes sense: “We are better than girls, but the boys can make design.”

Ok, I was wrong. :slight_smile:

This post I was after eating. Then when she says sun was up I went sitting. Always work or if you bad. Never give the down too much up. Thank you.

Ahem… [clears throat]

Sorry about that, I was speaking “jessica_umiha” for a moment there. :wink:

Now, where were we?

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

Please care if forum rules use garden. Categories then for ad much women but men gig post to sell gnomes. Thank to.

Like when you look more like? Yeah I been there. Time like happy was been.

This be sunny tops. I like you said that.

Good you. Be tea.

I tea you also. Be new with joy.

Good idea for new sellers

You understand what the OP wrote? :wink:

So funny

Hey, I like your style, at least you got me laughing; I haven’t done that in days. Thanks

"If you know something, tell somebody"
Perhaps this would be better advice.
“If you know how to tell something in a clear and intelligible manner then it may help to tell somebody”