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Please reccommend a seller who promotes gigs



I’m looking on some advice/recommendations for a seller who will promote my gigs. I don’t have a lot of traffic to my gigs but the few that I have, I have sold 5 gigs. I’m wondering if I (someone) promote my gigs I will get more traffic and sales. I don’t have any social medias so that option is out. I’m willing to pay, but I’m wondering if any of you have used someone you can recommend that actually advertised your gigs and it worked. That someone has to be in the US. I don’t want my gigs being advertised somewhere else. I live in the US, work in the US, and will only mail to the US.

Any help??!

Thanks in advance.


Execuse me I’m new comer here and i need simple steps to be good seller So If u have any idea just contact with me and thx for u all my best sellers





Reply to @ramymohamed: I’m fairly new as well. My best bet is to promote my gigs, that’s why I’m asking to see if anyone here has used a seller that actually works.


Reply to @ramymohamed: just as a side note, I took a look at your profile… Maybe you should consider using correct English grammar and that may help you with sales.

You don’t say I will learn u…

You say I will teach you…

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


welcome! @labels4you


Reply to @heatwavebeats: Thank you :slight_smile:


I highly recommend

That guy really know what he’s doing. Is first Top rated seller on Fiverr.

All the Best,





Don’t waste your money!

Nobody can successfully promote your gigs for $5! Maybe for $50 or more, but in that case you’ll get 1-10 sales.

TIPS? These are free to get from the forum, you don’t need to pay $5 for only 3 tips, like tips from the previous recommended Super TRS (seller).


Reply to @whitehatseo10:

First of all is not my gig. I used him when I was lvl 2 with sales in queue and he really helped me. So next time dont talk about you dont know. Is a gig with tips with 209 positive reviews so you just told about it is useless…


Reply to @dukanu: You defend his gig like it would be yours. Anyway, I’m not interested in what difficulties you have in relationships with other people to understand them (I didn’t accused anybody, I just wrote that ordering his gig is a waste of money, while everybody can get more tips for free here, on forum).

Most people order from Fiverr like sheeps if for a gig are existing 2 factors: the seller is a TRS + the gig has positive reviews.


Reply to @whitehatseo10: Agree


I have a Facebook promotion service. If you want i am ready to give you free trail.

MY Profile:


contact me… i have a very solid facebook group membership base.


yeah, they will promote your gigs but no sales are guaranteed. just pay and hope!