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Please recommend one that knows Ontology

Till now two orders and 4 weeks of wasted time and at the end I discover that the seller has never heard about the topic,
Can any body recommends a seller ( you can send it to my inbox) .that knows about this branch of artificial intelligence.

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We can’t know which sellers know about this or any other topic.

Go to buying ==> manage requests, and post a request there to see if you can find a suitable writer.


Thank you for the advice
I already did that
I got nine offers
After communicating and describing the project then choosing the highest price, I am stuck with seller since 6 days

I see from wikipedia there are two completely different uses for the word ontology - one related to philosophy and one to computing. Did you make it clear which you were looking for?

I have to say I hadn’t heard of either - just as well I’m not an article writer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Perhaps your request is too specialised for Fiverr?

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Well I found one seller that has an understanding of the term but they’re not in the article writing category. That said, they might be able to write an article for you.

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I agree, the OP could maybe look in the programming related categories (eg. Programming & Tech/other or similar category) and maybe contact sellers who have related gigs (eg. will work on related projects) .

edit: @ayal2908 if you could specify a little bit more about the project here maybe that would help us to recommend sellers/best categories etc. eg. is a it an application you’re trying to get written (with natural language processing) or something like that?


can you link me with him please

I described the project for them, I have even provided them with my work that just need fixing
Ontology is a way of knowledge representation which is branch of Artificial Intelligence

If you search for Ontology on Fiverr, there’s only 1 gig that comes up (“I will provide semantic web service including building ontology by protégé”). There’s other gigs related to it but they’re paused.

Even if that gig isn’t relevant, would that seller be able to help (eg. if you requested a custom offer)?

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