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Please Rectify Issue or Lose a Buyer

Would you please tell me why your support agent, after being asked to transfer funds in my account over to my debit card, that he sent them to an account which is suspended at PayPal?

And this was AFTER I gave him the correct PayPal AND HE AGREED TO SEND IT THERE. After the fool sent it to a suspended account, he told me to “take it up with PayPal.” I’ve spent a lot of money here, and if this isn’t rectified, will not EVER spend a dime here again, and as you can see by my account, that would cost Fiverr much more money than the $100 your chat “support” took it upon himself to send somewhere opposite than the screenshots I have of him agreeing to send it.


Sorry but this is quite literally a place mostly for sellers to discuss. It’s a community forum as it says on top. We cannot absolutely do anything, we are not Fiverr employees.