Please Reply..Negative Rating Reminder Email!


I was wondering that wouldn’t it be very nice if Fiverr have started sending the sellers a Reminder Email when the seller got a Negative Rating from a buyer?

Because you see, sometimes a seller would like to contact the buyer faster after the rating has made. Because may be after a while the buyer would go offline, or may be the buyer will have no interest in redo/re delivery or the buyer may lose interest in that particular seller.

What do you think about my idea of “Getting an email reminder”?


I think this is a good Idea. I am new here and I will do my best to make my customer happy. I dont want to have a negative comment.


Great suggestion… would you like me to move your thread to the Suggestions category so that it may be picked up by an admin ?


I agree. Good suggestion. It will help speed up damage control and maybe you can get your negative rescinded.


Would be a great idea. I hardly ever receive negative feedback, and when I have done it is people sending it months later for no reason at all, they just randomly put “good” or something. I fail to notice it sometimes.


Hii i get one negative feedback and i have done all work… But buyer made one mistake and i have done work in other link. plz check conversion -


plz check it and how i can remove this feedback…

Can i contact with fiverr team


Reply to @ozzieuk: Of course, and really Thanks a lot


I don’t want a negative comment but if I get I would love to solve it fast. And yes this will help a lot.