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Please Report Sellers Who Are Posting Fake Buyer Requests

Hi everyone,
Some new sellers are posting FAKE BUYER REQUESTS in a category in which they have their own gig just to get traffic on their profiles. I think we should report those sellers who are involved in such activities to get rid of this scam.


Yes we should as I have seen these type of buyer request alot of time in which they attach a link and in the description they write that I want a website like this link. I think we should take a screenshot of their request and report them.

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Yes @seventh_sky This really a big scam. We should avoid this type of buyer request and report them.

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Yeas .I agree with you .

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i suffer this several times. they some times they give there Fiverr inbox link.

Not only this! Even some buyers attach one of their blog link to get traffic in their blogging website.

Yes, I agree with you, they need to be reported and stopped.