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I had a designer I was very happy with and I need him to do something with a gig he already completed. He does not seem to be on there and is there a way I can get in contact with him?

Order: #FO730CEDC381

you can send him message through Fiverr

Send him a message or simply send a ticket to support. they will surely help you in this matter. Here is the link to support team

Fiverr Customer Support

Hey mattvegas,

If he isn’t active on fiverr anymore, try googling his username… if he uses the same name on his other business profiles, you might be able to find a way to get in touch with him. Good luck!

How long ago was the order completed? Also, what do you need to be done with order? If it’s something that was done a while ago, you will most likely need to purchase another gig anyway.

Might be worth trying to contact the seller and if you don’t get any response, send someone else a message to see if someone else can do the amendments.

If you want, PM me with details of what you need amending, I’ll look to see if I can do it myself or at least point you in the right direction.

Hi mattvegas,

Too bad to hear that! I hope this issue gets resolved quickly for you. He might be in vacation mode or so.

Check out his profile, maybe the seller mentioned something about quitting or some time off.