Please review it!



please review it someone


You really don’t want me to critique your gig. Trust me, you don’t. Because I would tell you that you are actually breaking the rules of Fiverr by offering to do/help people with their homework. You’re not allowed to do that here on Fiverr, and, when Fiverr discovers this, they may remove or delete your gig.


Sir i tutor them through skype. Please review my gig now.I made some changes


You’re digging a hole for yourself. You cannot do people’s homework, and I don’t think you have permission from Fiverr to use Skype – to help people do their homework.

I’m not going to help you break the rules of Fiverr.


Sir I am not helping them doing their homework.i help them in understanding topics


I cannot, and, respectfully, will not help you in regards to this gig.


No sir I am not asking for help now just clarifying my point


If you want only to review your gig. you should post it under the “My Fiverr gigs” category. :slight_smile:


That’s incorrect; he posted under the right heading. Improve my Gig is the right place for you to go if you want someone to help you improve your gig. It’s pretty self-explanatory.