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Please review me

can anyone please purchase a gig from me ? It will truly mean alot and will also help me start my fiverr selling as I am not getting any purchases from any buyers.

My link :-


Unfortunately this forum is not for exchanging order.

However this is the help I can offer: I had a look at your gigs and most of them offering writing services. However you have a lot of mistakes even just in your profile description which definitely pushing away potential customers. No one wants to order writing gig and fixing mistakes themselves.


You look like 10 on your profile picture. Wouldn´t buy from you.

can anyone please tell me why I’m not getting any orders? it’s been 7/8 months I have not got any orders. Please help. This is my account:

I want to know what is the problem with my gigs, why I’m not getting any orders. I send buyer request every day, whichever I think I can do. But I’m not getting any at all, instead my gig impression are getting down. I want to know the trick that can help me get orders. Thanks!