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Please review my fiverr gig and improve it


Firstly, your gig title is not very eye-catching. I would recommend using a strong verb and saying “I will edit your photos” rather than “I will do photo editing for you”.
Also, your gig description is extremely short and it is unclear about what services you provide. If a potential buyer is confused, they will not buy your gig. It also has many spelling and grammar mistakes that make it seem unprofessional.
I would suggest writing about what you will actually do for the buyer in more detail, and asking/hiring a native english speaker to read over it.


Thank you very muxh for your reply. I will work on it and make it batter thanx

Hi @mianumar1111.
As suggested above your gig title is not very appealing. Change it to something better and for that you may look into other sellers in your niche.
Also your gig description looks like a resume. Please be more specific about what you offering in that particular gig.
Also use basic,standard,premium price models rather than only one.
And since you are providing photo editing service you should add more samples of your work rather than only one.