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Please Review my Gig and Give Suggestions to Improve



I suppose the question you need to ask yourself is, why should someone purchase your business card and stationary design services, and not the hundreds of other sellers that offer the same exact skills?

What are you doing to stand out from those other design services?

Just because you have a gig on Fiverr, doesn’t mean you deserve sales. Are you doing any marketing? Are you reaching out to your target customers? What are you doing as a Fiverr freelancer to be seen as a seller worthy of earning sales?


I try (and sometimes succeed) to look at things from a buyer’s perspective, asking myself “would I buy that?” constantly. I also would probably remove the “Worlds Best Services” from my profile. As a buyer when anything or anyone says they are the best in the world, my BS meter goes to 100 and I go on to the next seller. If you say you are the best in the World, you have to be able to prove it, or you will get an eyeroll from your buyers and they will move on.

Also, besides the image on the gig, where are there samples of your work? Maybe I missed them.


I am really Very Grateful to you Sir…



Grateful to you Sir
Regards :slight_smile:


Your Guidance is so much helpful. I have removed the words that you has
mentioned and will provide the work samples as soon as possible.