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Please review my gig and give suggestions

Hello amazing people. i am new on fiverr and i have uploaded a gig in video editing section. Here is the link to my gig. i would really appreciate if you guys will take a look on my gig and give some expert pieces of advices
thank you


Hi there…,

Here is my input:

  1. New seller same case: NO FAQS?
  2. Third thumbnail?

TIPS: treat your buyer as newbie.
For example (i’m newbie)

  1. What is the final files delivery? .avi .mp4?
    in faqs sections you should explain each benefit of each files.

  2. What should i provide before ordering?

  3. What if buyer need to make 1 min intro from long video? Long video files usually is very big.
    Can buyer send you with google drive? is it allowed by fiverr?

  4. What video files you can work? I mean…, what if your buyer have mp4…, or .avi?

  5. What if your buyer only have image? and need video collage from image?
    is the price same?

Video Editing is not a common., You should explain more clearly.
It can help boost your sales.
Right now…, your gig description is not helpful for newbie buyer, and not convincing.
(NOTE: with your $5 …, your target audience is newbie buyer.)


thank you so much brother! I really appreciate it…!! That is really helpful