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Please review my gig and suggest me what is needs to enhanced

I am a fiverr seller and I have created a new gig but I am not sure that it is okay or need some improvement Please suggest some factor that needs to be an enhancement


Looks Great. Description Is all okay. I just wonder why all of your gig do not have any reviews? Don’t you send BR Everyday if possible?

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I am new and have not any portfolio

He only wants help from “the experts.” People like you and I are not invited. :wink:


Just to bother you a little… :laughing:

Oh well, OP didn’t specify what type of “expert” he wanted help from so, @hanshuber16 and @helal8512112, you are both most welcome to this post !!! I’m sure you’re expert in something !!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:And the same goes for me, I auto-welcome myself !!! :sweat_smile:


You are appreciated for us and I respect to the experts

Hi @mhamayoun

We are kidding and playing around, that’s all !!! :wink:

Just edit the title of your topic and take off “from experts”. :wink:

is it right? I have changed


Much better @mhamayoun !!! :+1: :wink:


same problem I faced I thing we are new sellers and fiverr not shows buyer request to new sellers


There is a typo (broucher) in your gig image. The correct spelling is brochure which you have been able to spell correctly in your gig title.

You have also made another typo which should be “professional” in your book cover gig image.

Attention to detail is very important and mistakes will put buyers off.

Suggest you check everything carefully for spelling errors.


You need to work on your profile description. Better you describe something more about your niche related on profile description. Only one of your gig has your work sample. you need to add work sample to your all gigs.


Thank you for suggestion

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OK thank you for your help

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@wdshajib If you want help you need to create your own topic.


And you should use a picture of yourself where you smile! :slight_smile: Just a little bit or something!

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Everyone should have buyer request. May be you don’t visit the BR section in the right time. And the thing is there is no right time. You should check for it like you don’t forget to blink your eye lids. Like an addiction.