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Please review my gig. and tell me, is it perfect?

Here is my gig link. please review my gig. and tell me, is it perfect?


Very Nice Profile, Best Of Luck, I’m Also Try to gets better sell from fiverr


Thanks for your wishesh.

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very professional design bro keep going.


thanks for contributing!


Photos look awesome. Your gig looks very professional and well done. You can see you worked very hard on it.
Here are some tips I came across when reading it:

  • “And also Redesign your any website” <-- I’m assuming it’s a typo since that isn’t proper English. It would need to be reworded, or either written as and also redesign your website OR and also redesign any website. But not both together, it doesn’t make sense like that.

  • Continues support even after work is done --> Continued, past tense. Also, just a thought - consider this: you wrote 3 things that popped out to me 1. continued support even after work is done, 2. refund guaranteed and 3. unlimited revisions. That’s fine and great, but just be aware what you’re advertising because if a client in the future has unrealistic expectations and wants unlimited expectations for months on end after the project is long done and then suddenly writes a bad review and demands a refund - you’re advertising that you do that loud and clear and won’t win that argument with Customer Service. It’s one thing to happily help people, but to tell every buyer that you’ll do that might land you in sticky situations. Not all buyers have the best intentions unfortunately.

  • Refund Guaranteed --> Refunds are Guaranteed? Always? Sometimes? I can order right now and I’m guaranteed a refund? You said so in your gig description! I think you’re trying to say if they’re unsatisfied.

  • ★★★ Please click on Add to Favorite Button and make my GIG services as your favorite one and Looking forward to working with you with strong business relationship. ★★★ —> **This could be worded a lot better too. Changing a few words around could really improve the flow of this sentence. I like the stars a lot. It brings it out.

Again Thanks to You for visiting my GIG. --> Again, (comma) thank you for visiting my gig. Also, if you’re going to make each word capital, you’d need to capitalize the V in visiting. otherwise, make the rest lowercase because it looks sloppy going back and forth.


Hey! Your gig looks pretty great! Remember, perfect doesn’t exist and there is always room to improve. Check out the grammar on your title and gig description! Also, and this is pretty nit-picky, but if i were you I would leave the hearts out of the order package titles, just to make it more professional looking. But overall it’s a pretty good gig!


Thank you so much for your important tips. :ok_hand:

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Thanks for your comment. :+1:

its good man, good luck to you on fiverr

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Thanks for your compliments

It’s funny because somehow I forgot to say that after typing all that I went on and on about, but that was the exact same thing I was going to say haha.