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Please Review My Gig And Tell Me What You Think About It .. Thanks!

Hello ! im just wondering if my gig worth for 5$… I have 0 buyers so im sad its been 2 days and nobody buy it so the problem is in my work ( bad for that price ) or i dont know…

These are my 2 gigs so check them out i will really appreciate that and i will be grateful.

Better gig -

other gig -

if you have problem with the video on first gig view this : and you ca watch this in hd…

other video -

post a comment if im bad or good or i dont know just im really thankful to you :slight_smile:

Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5

Hello, for claiming to be HD it just doesn’t show enough detail. I was hoping for more. It may be in HD but it doesn’t look it. The video intro could use more animation in the background or a more details to bring in more potential customers. The video wasn’t exciting enough, it reminded me of a 90’s video quality that I did on school computers. If you can add more quality then it will be worth the 5 dollars. At this moment it just lacks the new age edge.

From what I saw the cropping was not perfect in the pictures you provided and many people have programs that do that cropping effect. I see left over writing on the models leg and a hole to where you erased it. If you want buyers you are going to have to step it up. Go the extra distance by fixing her leg and making it look like there’s no writing ever, like a tattoo cover up you don’t want to see anything from before.

Hope that helps. I haven’t sold either yet, takes a while to get customers and the word out when you first start on the site. Got to advertise and build up from the bottom. Best of luck!