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Please review my gig. (still no sales)

I want someone experienced to review my gig please. It’s been 15 days here, but still no sales. I have got 80 pageviews so far. So any suggestions are welcomed!

Add your keyword on the bottom of the text and make a video.

@mimie01 … Thanks. I have added a video combined of still images. Though I personally am not presenting anything on this. You perhaps missed it. But do you think 80 pageviews over the course of 15 days are bad? Or is it okay?

The page statistics is supposed to be based on the previous 30 days, but many times the figures shown are unrealistic and many of us don’t believe they are accurate. They will also vary widely over time. Don’t fret about things like that. Just concentrate on ways to improve your gigs, your graphics and your promotion. Fiverr advertises heavily and brings in a great deal of traffic, so you want to present yourself in the best way possible to hopefully stand out, especially if you’re in a category with high competition.

Thanks @celticmoon for your great information. It’s good to know that Fiverr really promotes new gigs. I don’t know how they do that. But I think starting out on Fiverr really does require a bit of luck. As some people can do it at the very beginning, while others have to wait long.And as always, waiting is difficult for someone with less hope. The long it takes to get your first few sales, the more one will lose hope.

Again, promoting one’s gig outside fiverr is time consuming and difficult. It’s not easy to set up a new blog, open up a YouTube channel, create backlinks through social bookmarking sites, and bring in traffic to one’s gig. These require a lot of skills, time, and hard work. So our last chance is, Fiverr promote our gigs and help us get some sales. That’s why we all are here in Fiverr.

That’s true! I don’t do a lot of social media marketing myself, just a FB page and I send out Tweets, post to Instagram, things I can do easily myself.

New gigs are shown on the Fiverr front page, under the heading “New & Noteworthy”. They rotate through with all the other newest gigs for awhile, but eventually get bumped off as newer gigs come in. That’s when you want to be sure you’ve tweaked your gig to the best of your ability: good graphics, complete descriptions, a range of work samples showing. And if there’s some way to put a unique or unusual spin on your gigs, that will also help them grab the editor’s attention for possible promotion on the front page of your category, or in the newsletters, or even to be featured.