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Please review my gig


Any tips concerning my gig would be very welcome

Thank you.


They look identical to me, you might want to change the video and description for one of them to make sure people know they are different. Also what does the BBC have to do with your gigs, are you working from their studios? Good luck with your gig(s)


Well, I started with the squeaky voiced Gig, some customers have asked for normal voiced

work which led me to separate them. I hope that clears everything as I know It Is not a good thing to have two Identical gigs. The BBC Is a joke going with the theme of being British Gwynn

Thanks for your responses : )


Sorry but no, I am happy with the wording and video’s, It describes my gigs - with the voices being different It totally changes them from being Identical : )

madmoo said: n that case be prepared for people to do as I did, and not even look at one of them under the assumption that they're duplicates.

I totally agree, people are going to read the descriptions much more than they are going to play the video. I have a block on my computer browser that prevents videos from automatically starting so when I go to look at gigs, I start with the titles and then the descriptions. If it catches my eye then i might click on the video depending on how engaging the description for the gig is


Both looks the same… same video thumbnail, same description… avoid those.


Oh I see now, I misunderstood.

Thank you very much for your advise I shall change this : )


I have made alot of changes, again thank you for your advise much appreciated : )



i just had a look at your gigs. and i would change following things:

“i will turn your poem into a song”

  • if its possible add images with a better quality
  • the first image would be better if its a image included with informations about the gig, headerline tagline or something because its that pic what you see in the search listings. this one is important you have to have something who people regonize
  • add a video maybe with you showing people how you work talk about yourselfe and you r work and include a sample direct in the video not only a souncloud link

    "green screen gig"

  • very good, your video shows what you do and thats important, at the moment i think you can leave this one as it is

    i hope that helps you a bit :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, If I get asked If I know of a good graphic designer I shall recommend you.


youre welcome @brack3n