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Please review my gig!

I had posted a gig 1 month ago but got no orders. I think I am doing something wrong, please review it and let me know my mistake.

EDIT: Nevermind, @prohelpher27 beat me to it with better points! Good job @prohelper27, you are really a helper

Focus on your keywords, add more images as samples.

Possibly add a video too.

Add a better description and try promoting your gig.

Overall, a very nice gig. Good luck to you in 2013

Well, the gig itself isn’t bad.

I think you should:

#1: Add a video to your gig. Either of you introducing yourself and explaining your gig using a video recorder or webcam, or make a presentation video like this That will greatly increase your chances of getting orders, and put your gig in the “Haz Video” section of the Fiverr search.

#2: Rewrite your gig description. It should include ALL details of what your customers will receive and “SELL” your gig to potential customers.

#3: Choose better tags. Tags are VERY important. They are what helps buyers find your gig when they use the search. Think of terms that people will search if they were looking for a 3D ebook cover. Also, you should try to put the maximum amount of tags, you only have 3.

I hope this helps! I am no expert, but these are general tips that really work.

Reply to @princemaxx: Thanks! More images as samples and promoting your gig is something I left out. So, good suggestions! :slight_smile:

Reply to @ankur_jaiswal: May I ask why you cannot add a video? I do not see any reason you can’t?

Reply to @prohelper27, @princemaxx

Thanks, I can’t add a video but I will definitely add description and samples.

Reply to @prohelper27:

Because I am not good in video creation and I don’t want to include myself in the video.:frowning:

There are 100’s of gigs on fiverr that will make a video for you that you can easily have them make and add to your gig!

Reply to @ankur_jaiswal: I could make some for you, if you’d like. I even have a gig for it.

I saw some video on Fiverr made in Powerpoint. I will try to create one myself

:-* Thanks


I’m little a worried about my gig. I can’t find on search, maybe I have wrong tags or something?

Gig is:

hi friends .

check out my gigs

Check out my gigs: