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Please Review my Gig

Hey! I am new on Fiverr. I just Signed Up on Fiverr about 1 month Ago. But I just got 1 Order.

Please Review My Gig, If I am Doing any Mistake. Please Tell me.


make it an express gig - do not charge extra for 1 day delivery - when you get more and more reviews you can charge, but not when you start…

if you tell me you will charge more to give me a better quality product, “I am thinking he is going to give me a crappy one for $5” -

Thanks…! I edit that…Is that good now…??

You should share it on social networks and forums. Also offer it to Buyer Requests.

Much better now - I can see you have a new order …

I recommend to order the Source - remove this - if anyone wants they will –

This is how I see - Try to get the reputation first and then focus on $$$ later - that way you can run longer

Good Luck.

Remove that line only - leave the extra gig - if someone want they will order - you don’t have to recommend -

Really make a logo instead of putting a free stock image with text to pretend to be a logo. Anyone with some aesthetic sense can spot it at once. That’s what differentiates professionals and amateurs.

The clip art in one of your logo is all over the Internet, here’s just an example (Don’t know why the forum sheriff deleted the link. To my knowledge external links are allowed as long as it adds value to the discussion and doesn’t encourage external contact)

Reply to @asantha: Thanks!! Correct that.

ok!! I will Never do that again. Buyer just told me about website but that website was blank. So I was confused that what to Design.!!