Please review my gigs and tell me what needs fixing


Hey I’m Demario I recently joined the Fiverr platform which was in June, my gigs are getting a lot of impression especially the redesign gig it’s at 5K now it’s getting the clicks and views and I got a few persons messaging me about the gig but they don’t place order they just disappear my other gigs are doing poorly when it comes down to getting orders they look perfectly fine to me but I would like for you guys to review them and tell me what needs fixing. Thanks


you just try to give your best services and waiting…

We have congrats! lost to joining Fiverr.

you may keep your honesty and precious.

Best if Luck…:ring:


I don’t understand the message you’re trying to bring across.


I just say to you you may keep your honesty with fiverr. just not you we are all need this honestry keeping with online marketplace…


Good profile and Nice GIG.
Keep it up.


Thanks I will keep it up for sure I recently modified prices because I’m a new seller so I need the reviews.