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Please review my gigs and tell me why I haven't sold one yet :(

Please review my gigs and tell me why I haven’t sold one yet. I have been here for quite some time and I haven’t sold a single gig, while I see people that have registeres one day ago and already have 6 orders.

Thank you so much.

Hello~ I don’t have gigs in your categories, so I may not have the best advice for you, but generally here’s a couple ideas:

Have you done searches to see how much competition you have for your specific gigs? If there are hundreds of other gigs out there like yours, buyers might be going to people with established reputations. I know, it’s tough to get started, which isn’t helping. So if you have much competition, what can you do which is different and unique? Have you tried using different tag words? Are you sure you’re in the correct categories?

Offhand, your descriptions are awfully thin. Maybe people are afraid to buy because they really can’t tell what they’re going to get. I’d definitely bulk up those descriptions.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out the Fiverr FAQ forum because there are some article written for newcomers and people who haven’t made any or many sales yet. You may find better advice there.

Good luck~

Add videos and pick out relevant keywords similar to your competitions. Videos in themselves generally index you higher. Not getting orders in one category? Move to another. It may also be a good idea as stated by the user above to put more detail into your descriptions and I would advise a revision policy as well as a detailed explanation as to what a user gets for a standard order. Best of luck!

@celticmoon You should offer a custom knitting gig where you will knit something of a users choosing(just list all of what you can knit) but you can better target higher competition keywords that way :slight_smile: Maybe something like, “hand knit you something” as for example with me, I am interested in getting some of these types of things from users like you, but I feel it would be easier to see them all in one place, and a video may be a good idea for that gig too. :slight_smile: If you search “hand knit a minion” in a search engine, you’ll see what I mean and get a better understanding of where your orders come from. :slight_smile:

I have a few ideas: add videos, add videos, add videos. Oh and be sure to add videos. And all of the above, add descriptions and be clear. People want to have a pretty good idea about what they are getting so you may want to somehow show a “sample”. And one more thing. Add videos.

I do voice recordings and HATE to be on camera, of even being photographed. So my face is not in my video. But my orders TOOK OFF the day I posted my video.