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Please Review my gigs i am getting a lot of viea but no order please help

These are some of my Gigs Please Review Them


you need to be more specific in these gigs. you should focus on writing for certain types of blogs. and running certain type of social media accounts. Merchandise, sports… someone looking for something specific not a free for all kind of writer. I think that will narrow down your clients straight to you.

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thank you :blush: i will change aal about it today only

Hey :slight_smile:
what I dont like about the title “I will write quality content for your website, blog or anything” is the end - “…or anything” doesnt sound professional to me.

thanks for you suggestion will look into it for sure :blush:

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Please see (IMG) points 1 and 2.

Based on the game-gig description, I strongly suspect the other gigs descriptions copied, because of the huge disparity. Don’t do that. It’s falsely presenting your skills as better than they are.

ok will surely look into that :blush: