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Please Review My Gigs | Need Suggestion

Please Review My Gigs


Share your gig link.So we can check .

You haven’t taken the time to create a sensible post, your have asked people to review your gigs but you haven’t given the easy clickable option of a link to your gigs and the post you wrote contained 4 words which means I have put more time into this unhelpful reply then you have into your initial post.

I would like to guess 3 ways in which your gig could improve.

  1. Check your description for grammatical errors (One of the most common problems on fiverr
  2. Ensure you have a captivating and unique gig video
  3. See what other people are offering and try to do something a little unique

I hope this helps, lots of love.

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Sorry I forgot to post a link. I just did it in a hurry.
You can check now.

I have checked, I stand by my comments. Consider a video to attract customers.

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Ok I’ll add a video.

You can check now. :slight_smile:

I can’t see any videos?

I completely agree with you