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Please review my logo gig!


I’m new to this platform, my gig has been up for 2 weeks and I’m not getting any clicks, let alone views! Please can some of you seasoned fiverr users critique my gig? I’ve done research and made the odd tweak but have seen no improvement - 92 impressions in two weeks, 0 clicks! Also, do my photos seem blurry?




Your GIG looks OK but you are 1 out of 180000 sellers of logo (me included). I am on Fiverr as seller for 4-5 months and haven’t sold any logo directly, all by other clients buying something else ending up liking my work and ordering logo.


nice :heart_eyes: :heart: :heartbeat:

Your gig and logos both look good, they’re basically better than mine, so… :smiley:


  • when it comes to the packages I would do 3/4/5 or 3/4/UL revisions if I were in you, not 4/UL/UL;
  • I would either raise the price for the first gig to 10$, or lower the second one to 25$ since it’s a sharp jump IMHO.

Take it with a grain of salt but you definitely have the potential to raise your prices immediately after the first few orders and not after a dozen or so. I know you probably want the “starting from 5$” rep for a while but I don’t think it’s gonna benefit you now, you can sell your services for more already.

Are you doing any very, very small promotion for yourself or perusing through the Buyer Requests?

Thanks, I’ll try and branch out!

Hey, Thanks for the reply and useful tips. I’ll adjust my pricing as suggested - I think you’re right about $5 at this point! I haven’t done a great deal of promoting, have 3 followers on IG! Am looking into expanding this, maybe trying direct some work through reddit, FB seems like a slog as I don’t really use social media much in my personal life.

Thanks for the help!

You’re welcome.

As for FB, they offer a 5$ voucher for self-promotion to all users and pages (my dad used it once: you choose a preferred audience with gender, age and interests options and then it throws it out there), but the best possible advertising is on small groups dedicated to promos specifically. You surely have one for your country and maybe even region/province/city.

IG is definitely far more vital to a designer; tag your work a lot and see if they offer some free ads.

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Will definitely check this out!

Thanks again.