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Please review my profile and provide a comment

I have been in Fiverr for 2 months now, and have yet not received my first order… I’m a little bit dissapointed. I received messages from a few people, but they ask me to work via whatssap and I understand this is not permitted, so I rejected them. Another made me lost my time to ask for my number, because, he wanted to know me better as he thougth that i was oh so cute, you know, and that is crazy, to make someone lost time like that. I hope things get better, but if any of you have an advice for me, that will be cool. :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:


Sadly, people like this do exist on Fiverr, and they tend to prey on new sellers.

Your Gigs don’t look bad. I think you’re just in a very overcrowded market, one in which it’s hard to stand out.

If you want to improve your Gigs, you could improve the formatting of your descriptions. They’re not easy to read at the moment, so potential buyers may be clicking away rather than reading about your service.

If you need some help fixing your formatting and other orthographic issues, let me know!

Best of luck. Keep your chin up. :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes, do you have any advice on how can I improve my descriptive…? I will really appreciate your feedback… :star_struck:

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No problem.

I can give you a few basic tips in this thread, or I can write something a little more targeted in a PM. Just tell me what works best for you.

This is a public forum, so I don’t really like talking in too much depth about people’s Gig descriptions. Elements and ideas are likely to get stolen – then both of us will have wasted our time! :slight_smile:


my gigs are perfect as my experience. i promote my gigs on social media but not receive any order yet

If you are getting queries, but they are only from disreputable buyers as you describe, this may indicate that you attract and interest sketchy people, but not reputable ones.

Your gigs just say what tasks you do. They don’t convey what your value is. No one gets sales by simply saying they do a task.

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I’m updating my GIGs and descriptions, I think that being a new user also has an impact with that, but I will keep working on my things and hopefully this are going get better.:slightly_smiling_face:

Then your gigs aren’t “perfect,” as you say, any you probably aren’t using social media effectively.

Or instead of telling me to help you, you take the initiative and research it yourself. Being bossy to me isn’t going to help you and it’s so rude.

If you tell people you have a perfect gig and are confused about why you don’t get sales, you make yourself look entitled and unprofessional.

No one is going to do business with you after you say your gigs are perfect because that is a laughably biased thing to say. It isn’t credible.


Hi Tere, welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I see you have 2 Gigs offering the same service for translation & transcription, only one is written in English and the other in Spanish.

You don’t need to have two Gigs offering the same service, but different language. It all can be done with just one Gig.

May I suggest you delete one of those Gigs, since both are alike and Fiverr will take down one of them.


Thank you for your reply, you may be right… :star_struck:

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