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Please review my work i need help

Hello Every one Please i need help from community to get work to feed stay and abandoned animals
Please help me to help them.

your one review can change every thing and i need some help to get boosted so please be generous to share your view

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It says in the description “Starting at just $” but that doesn’t tell them a price.

It says you will “send it to you via E-mail or…” - I’d take that out as contacting via email is usually not allowed and could get a warning.

It says in the title you sketch everything in 20 mins but in your prices you charge extra to deliver it in a day. That makes the title a bit misleading as it will say in the search results that you sketch everything in 20 mins and prices starting at $10 but they won’t get anything in 20 mins/a day without paying more.


Thank you so much for your guidance i will correct it and i make sure to follow your suggestion.
you’re awesome


Please review one more time and suggest the change if anything need correction.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe reword “will be made on A4 paper (210×297 mm) A3 paper (297 x 420 mm)”

eg. you could add an “or” in there ore “or sometimes A3…”.

In the description later you say you sometimes use A3 for full body sketches but you never mention that in the package description for full body sketches (Premium package).

In the FAQ instead of “and i will make the sketch it with” you could say “and I will sketch it with”.
The FAQ question “Order & Reference” isn’t really a question. For a question it could say something like “Do you need a reference photo?”.

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Did anybody told you before that " You’re Angel’’, You are for me your previous advice was so helpful that i got two clicks, on my post surly make the corrections again and i will definitely follow your instructions.

Thanks alot