Please reviews my gigs I am new here


Can you please give me suggestions about my gigs?


Its good just share with freinds and social media platforms.


Sure I will share can you please tell me which social media platforms is better for more traffic?


use this platform to get more genuine traffic


(Happy Freelancing) :blush: :hugs:


Thanks for advice I will follow that.


dear do proper SEO for your gig optimization it will rank your gig on first page
am also new here but my gig is start to getting impression


I advice you to spend time and money on your gig covers - make them look professional, attracting and neat - no needless objects on covers, no visual garbage, only useful information. Thus, if you are not a designer I advice to delegate this work to a professional. Also I highly recommend you to record a 1 minute video of you telling about your service - again no needless details and audio garbage - only usefull offer to the potential client.

Of course these are not the only one points I would have paid attention - but these are the first I did when I was starting.

In my opinion, at first you should do GENERAL optimization of your gig which gives you the highest possibility of conversion.


is my gigs cover not good? and also is not optimized?