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Please saved my gig and order now

Please everybody view and saved my gig and order now to get your brand.
here’s my gigs links:



At last thank you very much


Hello! I wish you all the best luck with your gigs. Greetings

Maria S.

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thanks for you reply

Do you think the customer will be here and read your topic?
I think you should learn some course on Fiverr and take some skills test. English for example.

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thank you for your suggestion

Hi Turjo5

You should try fix the gig descriptions.
People will know that you aren’t fluent with English and think will have communication problem when they order from your gigs.

Second: Fix the website thumbnail too, Don’t you think it’s looks distorted?

Wish you luck,


Thank you for your suggestion.

Thank you for sharing :smiley:

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