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Please see my gig


hi friends this is my gigs link …
its my first level. anyone can interest in my creation plz contact me… i can create that type of things as u need. within 24hrs…plz click on it…there is any improvement plz comment also…

thank you


I have seen your modern logo design gig. I think you should make lot’s of changes. you have to show some professional logo with mock-up to standout from the competition. (Your logo design I good but not that much impressive but your best work). Tags has same important as title please choose right tag that matches with your gig. Your gig is about Logo design and you have put T-shirt Design tag. use keywords like Illustrator logo


thank you sir…


Don’t use “u” in the title of your recitation gig. If it’s because of character count, just exclude the word. It makes you look unprofessional.


thank you…