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Please See my Gigs, if there has some mistake please Inform me


I have 6 gigs on my Fiverr account. I am in fiverr for 7 months but did not get any sell. Yesterday I was given a post about it. One of a member of Fiverr told me my gig images are not professional and it has many grammatical mistakes in gig title. But I couldn’t find anything of it. Please visit my profile and inform me if there has any problem. My Fiverr Profile:


You didn’t add your gig link.Please add your gig link.


You need to remove your unapproved portfolio link from your gig and profile description.

Here is a list of approved portfolio links:
Scroll to the bottom.


It’s a matter of taste, but I would agree that your cover photos don’t really show your skills. For example, this one here can be done in paint.

Regarding grammar mistakes, hire a proofreader.


Only This one? If Have More Please Tell me. If I Remove Color background And Make it Transparent Will it ok?


Fiverr Always allow flicker Portfolio link. I think There has no Problem. Thanks For your Suggest.


Yes they do, but you’re using a shortened link which isn’t allowed. :wink: