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Please Sellers, Stop this NONSENSE!

Hi Seller’s Community,

Some Sellers are blindly copying my gig description and even putting my FAQs as it is on their own gigs without even reading the FAQ. How are they even allowed to serve the buyers?

Fiverr CS should look into this!! Seriously!!

Can’t you just write your own gig description and FAQs ??

Please stop copying my gig!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:


Flag them for copyright infringement.


I flagged the gig !!


Ok. OK. OK.

Let me process this.

He/she did that and has 23 completed orders ?!?

HOW? Just how?

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Buyers don’t read the FAQS. Or anything at all, to be honest, by the looks of it. If they did, that seller is actually advertising for Rahul, pretty nice of him!

It’s called traffic diversion!!

In that case, can you sell me your description? And FAQ?

Maybe … just maybee… that is what I need to get orders.


You do not work on weekends! Legendary.

I contacted the seller for the clarification and his response is…seller is lying

He is saying that he had hired another seller for writing his gig description and when I asked him to provide the details of the seller whom he had hired, he said the seller is not on Fiverr!! What a joke!!


So? At one point he was on Fiverr and had a profile name… oh… my brain…

But hold on, you can offer others to write their GIGs description… I could make millions on that. I just have to pick what GIG to kill.

I cant do that since I do not have GIG analytics…

Oh… what a shame.

@rahulgraphics I am changing my logo gig name title, please provide suggestions. Doesnt have to be SEO friendly or marketing good. I just need a change.

My suggestion: I will make your logo gogo straight to the stars

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Somehow, I’m reading your excitement here. I don’t understand how.


Ahah, like that guy isn’t totally lying lol. That type of seller doesn’t pay to get gig descriptions when they can steal them for free.

Or maybe diverting the traffic to his gig?

What do you mean by that? He links to YOUR gig on his FAQ lol

That’s free advertising for you for any buyers that check his FAQS.

If I get a penny for every buyer this guy had that read FAQ and has skills to copy paste link on realize that the two names are different I would be…

(character limit)

I already see some of the buyer who placed order with me are now visible on his gig too!!
What would you say to this?

I am offering the services at $45 and he is offering the services at $15 but the key is: “Menu” is the same… because he copied my gig!!

This is called traffic diversion!!

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I changed my logo GIG title. Now it screams professionalism.

But what do you mean by traffic diversion? People who see your gig don’t know he exists. He can’t drive people from your profile to his. That would be traffic diversion. Impossible to do as your profile doesn’t link to his in any way.

People who see his gig may know you exist if they check the FAQ. If anything, he’s possibly diverting some traffic from his gig to yours, not the other way around.

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