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Please Sellers, Stop this NONSENSE!

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Doesn’t work like that on Fiverr. Fiverr’s algorithm takes a lot of stuff into account to deliver ordered search results. Just copying somebody’s description doesn’t change gig placement. He has no way to make people who would go to your gig go to his instead, since he can’t control Fiverr’s search results.

That would work if you were offering some very specific keywords and he copied those in a niche without competition, so you’d both get those hits. But people search for “logo design”, or whatever, and there are thousands of results. There’s no good way to manipulate that.

About to share some interesting facts…

There’s nothing unique in terms of search terms in your gig - there are literally thousands of sellers that will show up when searching for any term that appears in your gig. How does copying it divert any traffic?

Your gig is called " I will design amazing flyers, brochures and custom marketing materials". Try searching for any combination of those words on Fiverr, thousands of results with very similar titles. I just don’t see how copying things will get him more hits.

Sure, it can help them get a sale when he gets hits, since your copy is better than whatever he would have come up with by himself, so it will presumably sell better. But that’s not traffic diversion.

accepted his fault

Earlier he said that the seller was a “male” whom he hired and now the gender is changed.

gender changed

He’s clearly lying lol. Have him show you the completed order page he bought for the description and FAQ, should be trivial.

I can’t ask him to show his order page. It’s not within my purview.

Why not? Of course you can. “You say you bought this from another seller. Please prove it - show me the completed order and conversation so I can check. Otherwise, you stole.” If he really did buy it, he would be the first to want to show proof. There’s literally no reason not to.

I can’t ask him to show the order’s page. The order conversation is encrypted with one to one interaction between the buyer and the seller. The best I can do is to ask for the order number so as the Fiverr CS can check it!!

But I don’t think an order exists!!

The seller he hired has contacted me!!

other seller is lying

When I say the order page, I mean a screenshot, obviously. Like you are showing the conversation here. If an order exists, it would take him seconds to get you a screenshot. If he doesn’t (or takes way too long to do it, photoshop lol), an order doesn’t exist. Simple. Even if he tries to photoshop it, the order number will be on the screenshot, send that to CS as extra proof. They’ll check it, and he’ll be banned.

I had a very similar situation some time back. Seller said he paid another seller to write it. Reported it and both were banned as far as I know.



he said that he will knock the support for justice!! First you copy someone’s gig and then you lie, and then you hold two accounts on Fiverr. When asked he said the other account is of my cousin.



I didn’t and wouldn’t engage with them to be honest.
You tend to get a load of lies and then when that doesn’t work you have to read about their poor starving family etc. Much simpler to just report and be done with it.


Unless you enjoy reading about their poor starving families and them having no source of income outside of Fiverr even though their profile description claims they own a very successful company.


It’s funny how they promote you without realising :rofl: .

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Take all this to CS and they’d shut this guy/girl down. You don’t have to prove anything. They have YOUR web address in their gig. You didn’t need to engage with them at all but since you did and he won’t change or take it down, have CS do it for you.

I don’t know how people aim to scores of sales when they can’t even write their own gig details. You’ll make a few, okay, but in the long run no way they are gonna survive.


Yes, and having paid someone to do it wouldn’t absolve him of responsibility, anyway.

@rahulgraphics that line mentions the seller is supposedly off Fiverr, but did they say if they would change it?

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He is still using it under FAQs. Although he change the gig description but I’m 100% sure that it’s copied too. He offers flyer and brochure design service but in the new gig description he says :
So why wait? Order now and have an OUTSTANDING logo within 24 Hours or less.

And he is using “Regards” twice on his gig description, he spells “Guarantee” as “Grantee”.

some seller are doing this … nonsense… report this issue…

Most buyers don’t read your description. They simply read your micro copy on your gig image and proceed to order.