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"Please send offer if you want to work on it."


So this morning this potential buyer sent me a message asking for a quote for my
translation work. Since the translation was for business purpose, I added the gig extra and sent him my reply.
I am completely aware that my rates are higher than some translators here, but for me that is my way of filtering troublesome buyers. If they really need quality translations for business, I would assume they should be willing ( to a certain extent…) to pay for that.
If they complain saying that there are cheaper rates out there, I kindly tell them to go order their gigs instead of mine. Pretty simple.

When I sent him the quote, he asked for a discount. I explained that I don’t give away discounts since that would be unfair to the other buyers who pays in full. I got the feeling he won’t place an order after all, and go ask another person…

but to my surprise he messaged me back, saying something along the lines of

“Please send custom offer if you want to work on this.”

His English was a bit broken so I am assuming that in his mind that’s not exactly what he was trying to say. I mean…"IF I want to work on this?"
Uh, um…yes??? I think??? As long as you are willing to trust my skills???
He did also add that he wants the translation to be perfect, and yes, I will give it my best.

I do appreciate the fact that he decided to go with the quote I gave him.

I’ve never had anyone sent me a message like that before.
I thought that it was…well, interesting. :sweat_smile:



Ohhhh, good old Richard Simmons. :laughing:

…is he still around??
The last time I saw him on TV was on this infomercial for his new workout video.
And that was quite a while ago.


No he quit a while back…


Tell us what happens after you deliver the order :slight_smile:


I sure will!
I sent the custom offer, he accepted saying “I trust you” so hopefully it will all work out fine. :slight_smile:



What exactly is wrong with asking for a custom order? I do it all the time, and I just ordered a translation from a seller by asking for her to send a custom gig. This is normal. In fact, two of the sellers I regularly buy from prefer it and always use the custom order every time we discuss a new project.

The custom gigs are just better for sellers since they can use their own deadline. I mean, the gigs are fine if the seller is buying exactly what is on the gig but with translation, it’s very common to have word counts that are slightly off. Like, a gig might say $50 for 1,000 words (5 days) and $100 for 2,000 words (7 days)… but what if my translation is 1,200 words? How many days would it take and how much?

About using “IF” - well, maybe the buyer is not sure if you are available. :slight_smile:


Oh, there is nothing wrong with asking for a custom order!
I was a bit surprised since I clearly told him what my quote was, I also clearly
told him that I can work on it and that I am available.
I thought I was pretty clear that I AM willing to work on it, so him asking me
to work on it if I am willing to…was a bit surprising.
I wasn’t expecting that type of response! :sweat_smile:

I sent the offer, he accepted, the gig is almost done and so far it’s going fine.
Hopefully he’ll he happy with the result. :slight_smile:


Hi, Interesting post, thoug I have messages from customers to send custom orders but I cannot find where I should click to send a custom orders
thanks for your help

(found it)