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Please share no. of impression you are getting after reaching level 2


Hello everyone,
Please tell is there any increase in no. of impression you are getting for your gig after reaching to level 2.

Every answer is helpful.


Helpful for what? I have many different gigs with various impression numbers. They aren’t even that helpful to me and would be useless to anyone else.


I just want to know that is there any increase in no. of impression for the same gig after and before reaching to level 2.


Impressions will go up and down for various reasons.


please share your numbers if possible


Not really.

Your gig impressions only depend on the amount of exposure your gigs receive in Fiverr’s search (AKA your gig’s ranking on Fiverr). And your gig ranking depends on a lot of other factors than just your level. So, as @fonthaunt said, they’ll go up and down for various reasons.

Why would someone else’s stats help you?

While the #1 ranking gig in the sub-category: collectibles might be receiving only 20/week, the #1 ranking gig in the sub-category: logo design might be receiving 20,000/week.

Do you get why there’s no point in sharing gig impression stats? Impression numbers are not normalized across the different categories that exist on Fiverr. They vary greatly depending on the sub-category to which your gig belongs.


Please tell me what effect the no. of impression


Please read my previous post… again. :roll_eyes:


You should focus on reaching level 1 first and then later worry about level 2.


Though he’s asking about whether it’s increased. Maybe having an idea whether impressions increased (and if so by roughly what percentage) after reaching level 2 might be helpful. Though it might change for other reasons (eg. it might be higher for different months for a seller) averaging different seller’s % of impressions changes (where different sellers could have been promoted to level 2 at different times) could help even out other causes (including the fact that different subcategories might show different % changes in impressions after achieving level 2).


Even if this was useful you would need numbers from more people, not a handful of forum members.


You do not need to know MY gig stats. YOUR gig stats are the only stats that matter to you.

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