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Please share tips and feedback for me gig

Hi all,

I would like feedback from seniors on my gig. It’s related to content writing. Let me know areas of improvement.

Any tips will be highly appreciated.


I am not a senior one. But one thing I can suggest you that be active as more as you can. And try to send more buyer requests. I got my first order yesterday after 58 days

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Your gig is in the wrong category, in my opinion. You have it in

Writing & Translation > Social Media Copy

And it probably would be a better fit in

Digital Marketing > Content Marketing > Content Strategy & Research

Hey, thank you for your suggestion. I will update it.

Really appreciate your help

Hi, yes I stay online on my laptop at least 18 hours. Hoping for the best

Don’t hijack someone else’s post if you want your Gig critiqued.