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Please share your experience how did you get your first and second buyer

I’m a newbie, i need your great story, please guide to be a success fiverer like you all… :slight_smile:

I wish it was a great story, however just a drop of luck. I had my profile activated in February this year, nothing happened, I wasn’t really active at all, maybe opened the site once or twice a week… then all of the sudden at the end of March I got a message asking for my services. Say whaa? I went ahead with it (completely undercharged them by the way, just due to my insecurity in that they would go away if I quoted a price too high), and I finally had my first order out of nowhere.
I have no idea how that person found my profile, but am thankful they did because it’s been steady since then : )

I was lazy to start off and probably could have been active sooner if I had done buyer requests…so, I’d suggest applying for buyer requests daily to get some traction!

They placed an order and I did it. The end.

@leahemme Thanks for tips ! Great story !