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Please share your experience using Quora to get orders for your gigs

Hello Fellows, would you please share your experience using Quora, Reddit, Yahoo Answers, etc. to get orders for your gigs?


I’ve never laid a finger on Quora, and to be honest I’m not sure why it’s even there. Same with Yahoo Answers. I don’t recall reddit ever being mentioned, but if you’re willing to brave the chaos of reddit go at it I guess.


:grinning: I’ve seen some groups in Reddit about sharing fiverr gigs

I did back in 2017. unfortunately, I cannot find any significant improvement. Two of my articles saw more than 40000 people. None of them converted into buyers. Also, don’t spam your links on those forums.

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Thanks for the advice could you please give us more about your experience and recommendations ?

Will be highly appreciated.

Does everything have to turn into an advertising platform? Why not just use those platforms for their actual purpose instead of promoting your gig?

I don’t think you are going to find your target customers there. You will only find other people spamming their gig links. The same is the case for Quora.

I have also posted a bit in the Fiverr topic on Quora, but I do not let my Fiverr account be known. I simply post there to share my knowledge which is what the platform is for.

I don’t really like posting there. It is filled with people openly advising others to buy reviews and perform other TOS violations. It is incredibly frustrating. The Fiverr forum, for all its faults, is much better.


I’m trying to be more active in Fiverr forum and also I see there more posts from sellers than post from buyers.

I’m no sure if I’m in the wrong forum section but I would like to have more contact with buyers.

Am I doing right?
What is your advice you improve in Fiverr forum?

Read this post:

My advice for you is to read a marketing textbook. There are plenty of ways to use effective marketing techniques within Fiverr itself. I have never promoted my gigs on the forum or on another platform.


if I don’t a mistake you are trying to say about sharing your profile to the different social platform. well. I would this strategy is not bad too but its a very constructive way to market yourself because just sharing your profile will not impact your performance immensely rather you have to build an audience in the social platform and then your fan followers or your audiences will care of your request you are appealing for let say I am the person who really doesn’t know about you that much and I observed that you shared your link in my profile then suddenly I will ignore it as believing in that its a spamming link. so, this is the strategy you can take to market your profile to your built audiences

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Totally right
Maybe I did not explain in right terms myself.

I’m here to learn more about being a best Fiverr an share what I have learned in this 5+ years as a Fiverr seller.

Also to get tips on how to get more orders.

Is interesting your advice and I have seen a lot tips out there and here in the forum that being active in the forum could in some way place you in market place at a better position.

You’re right.

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Why investing time and effort into those platforms. In my opinion the best way to promote your services is to have your own website where you are the King of your content.

In fact if you want a creative, unique and stunning website, contact me and I’ll make you a custom offer. :blush:

Just Kidding :joy:!

The point is that you can actually promote your services everywhere, BUT you MUST know how to do it. I rarely post in facebook groups, but the few times I did, I had around 70% conversion rate.
Many users simply share their links, spam our lives and send thousaaaands of messages to everybody. It’s not how it works.


For me quora is just a place where everyone throw his gig and then no one pays attentions to it :rofl:


You know these few message exchange have tech me a lot.

I think you’re more than a forum user a teacher.

Thanks for all those honest and valuable tips and advice

I didn’t say anything exhaustive in my opinion but if it somehow helped you, than I’m glad it did.

However @vibronx has given you valuable tips, I’d recommend you to read them carefully.

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Yeah he also have contributed a lot, thanks @vibronx

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You cannot just copy and paste your link and expected to get orders (also, it’s spamming). It would help if you gave value to the platform. I’m a graphic designer, so I share my experience,knowledge about designs. Also, I help people who want advice on their design. If you give value to platforms like quora, they will feature your article on their homepage, so it’s an excellent chance to promote your self (I did select, but no improvement.).

Other than that, you cannot gain anything in forums and socials media unless you run an ads campaign. Also active on the forum nothing to do with your ranking on Fiverr. Many top-rated sellers never post anything here. This is just a community to help each other and share our experiance

Note - If you want to run an ad campaign, read the Fiverr privacy policy carefully because there are so many restrictions about promoting yourself outside of Fiverr.

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Sharing experiences about using those or any platforms won’t be a worthwhile thing to do.
Finding and doing a course or studying a book etc on how to market yourself and engage on social media would be a much better idea. If you share anything about those platforms here they will just be spammed by thousands of desperate/useless sellers and sharing links to Fiverr on them will banned (again - both Quora and Reddit have banned Fiverr links at times).

Once you have studied how to market on social media, you won’t need others to tell you what their experiences are, you can build your own (positive) experiences.

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How can you explain ? :thinking: