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Copy the gig of my previous account to the new account, disable the previous account and there will be a problem with the new account.


Why would you do that?

And you aren’t allowed to have two accounts. Crews the ToS.

The only practical reason people want to do this is to lose poor feedback. There is no other rational explanation. But it is a flawed way to run a business. It means you only want to run away from difficulties and not understand what went wrong and to learn from the experience.

If however you insist on creating a new account, you must do this with the permission of customer support, otherwise you risk both accounts being suspended and a permanent ban form Fiverr.


why you doing this it,s no so fair in your gig

There’s another reason I can see - if you want to change your username. Maybe someone starts a Fiverr account just to see what’s like, and it starts growing, but the name is not professional / doesn’t reflect the seller well. Since Fiverr doesn’t allow you to change usernames, that would be a valid way. Close the account, and then open a new one.

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Okay, that could be a reason. But surely any sensible person would think things through to start with. Ah, but this is Fiverr…

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