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Please Share Your First Month Fiverr Experiance


Hello Fiverr World, I am new to FIVERR.COM, I am a graphic gig, Please share your first month experience with fiverr


Reply to @yanwarpro2: wow congratzz man…


Same with you. At the first month I become level 1 now.




in my first month i had one gig, then nothing for a few weeks, and then I got about 60 gigs which quickly took me to level 2. It has been pretty even ever since.


It took me about two weeks to get my first gig but then soon got more to reach level one at the end of the month. My second month was much better and easily met the requirements for level 2 by the end of the second month.

My third month (which is now) has really really slowed down. Not sure if this is because of the holidays.


In first days,I hadn’t orders but later I could get some orders and became a level 1 within 1 month… congrats for your future orders… :slight_smile:


You Guys are pretty Lucky…Go ahead…Even My analytics are not working…Dont know whats the reason…


i get my first order after a once again a month did not find any order


i think it is my badluck :slight_smile:


16 days and going well so far. Got an order on the first day and it’s been slowly growing from there with repeat customers. Well on track for a level one in a couple of weeks :wink:

I’m looking forward to adding some useful extras.


Hi all, Im new ot fiverr too and im here for 3 weeks but still dont have any orders. Please give me tips.