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Please share your first sale experience!

Hi there… I am quite new in Fiverr, and still trying hard. Anyway, I’d like to listen to other freelancers’ experience when they got their first sales.

-How did you manage it?
-What did you/your client think was so outstanding in your gig that they chose to purchase yours?
-What other quality (attitude/fast response/eyecatching title/banner , etc) that you think is important to gain clients?
-Is it true that after the first sale, other clients will easily come again?

Please kindly tell your story and don’t forget to mention what type of gig you were selling as well. Thankyou very much for sharing and have a good day everyone! ^^


Hi, Lidya. This could be fun to write.
My first sale came from my first buyer request offer, it was for a podcast logo. They had a budget around 10-15$ and wanted something simple.

I started working as soon as I got the order, it was after dinner. I asked some questions because he was online, he replied as I was changing my design on the go, and I delivered it without even a preview in the chat. He accepted it instantly.
It was cool, but not perfect nor mindblowing; the guy really liked it however, and he left me a 5$ tip.

I think he received anywhere from 30 to 60 offers, but he said he chose me because he liked that I did a little background research (I googled their name and asked if it was "the podcast with the girl talking about […]), rather than sending something automated.
Note that it wasn’t particularly well written, I just presented my idea, which was something that looked like that from a '70s game show, and asked if they were the right people.

  • As for the response time, I will only say that I see how pretty often the best sellers with glowing reviews or hundreds of them take 3 to 9 hours to respond. If someone comes to you directly, they may be conscious about your time zone and won’t refer to other sellers so quickly.

  • Banners are catchy but won’t grant you orders. I would say that showing you’re a real person who cares about what they do gets you more orders than anything else. People are on a gigantic online platform and not in a physical store, they want assurance nearly more than anything else. The gallery images will seal the deal, not make it.

  • Fiverr constantly tells you videos help, but do they? Yes, but I wouldn’t recommend them for some gigs. Your thumbnails work perfectly.

This not only wasn’t true in my case since the algorithm surely doesn’t work like that, but I’m even more sure of it now that it rotates regularly. The only thing I’ve heard is that if your stats are sensibly higher, you will see more requests. But then again, some people have gigs that don’t rely on those at all, and vice versa.
My second sale came by search - I’m technically the only person currently offering a certain service, so it was bound to happen - as the third one too, but ages after the first one and I don’t know how they got to me.

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Thankyou so much for sharing! It must be so fulfilling to know that your first client liked your work. ^^

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Hello! I’m still fairly new here, but I’ll go ahead and share my experience. My first ever order was actually from a family member, so I guess I will talk about my 2nd “real” order from a non-family client, lol. (Cool thing is, it only took me 8 days after my family ordered for me to get my first actual order, and then after that, I seemed to get more and more clients from there. Originally I thought maybe just having one order helps get you more, but if what Mattboa says is true, then I guess I was just lucky maybe?)

My gig for this project was to take a person’s photograph and draw it as a cartoon. It was pretty simple and I finished it early. To my surprise, he accepted it immediately! But it was kinda weird because right after, he inboxed me and told me he meant to order my middle package instead of my lowest. Which confused me, because I thought, “Why did he accept the order then if it wasn’t what he wanted??” Lol but I guess he was also new to Fiverr, so it’s understandable that there was some confusion. I sent him a custom order for the extra he would have paid for the bigger package, and sent him the new version shortly after. And I guess he liked me and my work, because he came back twice to order with me!

As far as eye-catching gigs go, I would say that buyers probably focus on the image first and the title second. Try to stand out, but also avoid looking spammy. I think it’s also important to have your best quality work on display and try to have as little text on it as possible (though this probably depends on what you’re selling as well). Too much text can clutter the work and distract from what you’re trying to sell. The gig image is for the image. The text is for your title and for your description on the gig page.

I think the qualities buyers look for from us sellers is, of course quality work that fits their needs, but probably more importantly, being easy to work with. Someone who is patient and understanding. Someone that’s friendly without being being overly friendly (i.e. in a way that feels fake). I always try to be quick with my responses and open to talking with potential clients about anything they may have questions with. I want to be the kind of person I would feel comfortable with if I were the buyer. And so far this has worked for me; I’m sure it can work for you too! :blush:

Edit: Just realized how much I wrote… Sorry for the novel! :sweat_smile: