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Please Share your Monthly Earning

Hy !

I want to know how much you have earned from fiverr??

Because fiverr is one and only largest online marketplace…

Please share your earning…

Recently I have done with 100 Reviews> What about you?

Some people earn $0 a month and some earn more than $5000 a month.

today is my first day,i could not earn ,i m basically article writter ,ineed your support plzz tel me at my email id shehfragglesrock@fragglesrock,so that i could earn


Seems like not everyone is interested in sharing the monthly earnings :slight_smile:

For me, I have just reached level 1, so you can imagine I am still way below $100 (talking about total earnings, and not monthly :(, but slowly going forward)

Although I’ve been a Fiverr member for a while, I recently started selling in August for the first time. So I don’t really have a long enough track record for a monthly earning but I’ve made about $350 so far. Definitely have a long way to go!

Last month I earned $550 but in this month till now I earned $400. I like growth :slight_smile:

Reply to @misscrystal: Yes, agree with you. Maybe we can earn $0 in this month but we can earn $5000 on next month, and so on :slight_smile:

Reply to @shehnila: If you intend to earn, you will need to be able to write well enough to communicate if you intend to write articles. So far, you have a problem in that area. On your first gig image and on this post, you misspelled the word “writer.” As far as support, offering your email address and asking for emails is against the Fiverr Terms of Service. I suggest you read the rules before you try to earn or post again.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Can you please review my gig in few words? Suddenly I am not getting traffic and orders. This has happened since l I became a level 2 seller. Quite astonishing… When I thought I will get maximum traffic and orders, since then I am empty…

Reply to @sanmeet: Good but I ask about earning and not talking about reviews.
I have done 73 reviews …

Reply to @misscrystal: what’s about you??
How much you have earned??

Reply to @shehnila: Hy dear
Asking for email and reply to email is against to fuverr rule…
Please you can tell me all thing on divert and get ideas here