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Please, solve my problem about Fiverr violation warning

Hey, respected Fiverr Community, I keep on sending my samples directly to the buyer in their inbox but someone has reported me, it is my second warning of the report, I didn’t make any mistake, I just send directly samples to the buyer when they send a buyer request, so please help me, why they are reporting me. If you tell me how to send a sample through buyer request, it is very nice and I would able to send the sample through buyer request not directly in inbox

Maybe you should ask fiverr customer service.


Thanks for reply but how I can contact to Fiverr Customer Service

Umm, you don’t need help from us, or CS, you need to read the TOS.

Sending things at people (not to seeing you indicate that you are indeed Spamming) is a clear TOS violation as it is unprofessional in the extreme. If you doubt that, ask yourself how much you love spam?

If you want to try for a BR, fill in the application box, maybe link to your Portfolio (using a TOS approved link like YouTube - here’s one of mine: Film Score - YouTube and go do something else. If the buyer is interested they will contact you back. If not, you chasing them is simply spam on a stick. A stick that is no whacking you back.

Secondly, I do hope you are not engaging in sending unpaid free examples of you doing their job for them in the hope they pay you. Not only is that supremely unprofessional to ask or do, but you are demeaning yourself by doing it, as it merely says that you are desperate. Do you hire plumbers or dentists who look desperate?



Thanks to instruct me, but please tell me how I can send portfolio to them, through buyer request it is not possible to send a sample therefore I send from inbox

Simple, you don’t.

If you mean general samples, that’s why you make yourself a portfolio so that you can share that instead, just like @benedictrm suggested.


Did you look from buyer request and send them your portfolio?
Unless your buyer ask for portfolio, you can’t suddenly send them your portfolios.
It’s a spamming.

Fiverr CS can’t help with this, because it’s your mistake.
Clearly you didn’t bother to read the Fiverr TOS.


Did the buyer ask you for your samples? If you are sending random samples to random people someone will report you as you are not allowed to do it. Read Fiverrs TOS. There things you are allowed to do and things you are not allowed to do.

Can you give me a view or screenshot of this message? Please remember to block out all names, this is also not allowed. (to show names in messages).

Sir, when they send buyer request after that I send my portfolio

So let me get this straight. You see a buyer request on your feed - note, buyers do not send you buyer requests, they submit buyer requests to the market, which you can see because it matches your gig criteria.

Anyway, you see the buyer request, and want to send samples to the buyer. You can’t add attachments to an offer on a buyer request (I don’t have that option, at least), so to try to circumvent the system that specifically prevents you from trying to do that, you send them an unsolicited direct message with samples attached instead.

Is this correct?

I send message directly to buyer in inbox but they someone has reported me.
Tell me please; sending a sample to buyer is right way or false to represent previous work?

You do realise that it was the buyer who reported you because you broke the TOS, right? So not only have you been reported and got a warning that may result in your being suspended or banned from Fiverr, you have burned that buyer who will never deal with you again.

You do not send samples to your buyers. You send an offer to the buyer request and if they want to, they can go to your gig and see if they like what you have done. If they don’t want to go look, then move on, there’s nothing more you can do.

You cannot send samples to buyers unless they have specifically asked for them. No wonder you got warned. If you do it again, you might find yourself banned permanently from Fiverr and for good reason.

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Stop doing that! :stop_sign:

It will only take one more buyer to report you and you will lose your account. :scream:

Never send anything to any buyer unless they come to your inbox first. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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OK, thanks to help me. Can I ask from buyer to send sample through buyer request.

Yes, you can ask them if they would like you to send them a sample of your work, but that is what your portfolio is for. They can go to your gig and your gig should show samples. That is literally what a portfolio is!

If you are talking about creating something to send them, then do NOT do that. Never do work for a buyer before you have a contract or they have no obligation to pay you for anything you have done.

If a buyer chooses to not respond to your offer, then there is nothing more you can or should do. Move on to the next job.


OK, very very thanks, only tell me where on the Gig I can show my sample for visitor buyer to check automatically.

If you read the comment above from @benedictrm, he tells you how to do this.

Thanks @janeeditor

Yes as indicated already, you build a Portfolio and can put some of it in your Gig using:

You can also provide links to external portfolio using (TOS approved) links like

Having Portfolio is one of the absolute core things that you need to prove that you can do this thing that you say you can do. If you say that you are great it means nothing unless you can show it with things you have made yourself (not templates). Saying you are great but not showing it makes you look like a fibber which only chases people away.




I don’t think you are long for this platform. With two warnings already accumulated, you’d have to stay on the straight and narrow rule-wise, but I have serious misgivings on whether you even know the rules…


You really need to read and learn the Fiverr tutorial and TOS.
Just like @benedictrm suggestion.

No wonder you get warning from Fiverr…,
It’s just like you doesn’t know anything how fiverr works.
If you keep doing it like this…, (doesn’t want to learn by yourself), soon you will get ban by Fiverr for breaking another TOS.
You already got 2 warning.