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Please solve my problem


Hi, Yesterday i deal with a buyer for 8$. i worked for him around 8 hours after i sent him the file he asked for modification i did once. and cleared what he said then he keep on saying me ~Put spaces in paragraph~ (Actually when i put space the text goes to next page and he says i don’t want the text to be changed)whole night i did around 8-10 Modification. when i woke up and saw that he already asked for mutual cancellation request. I have tried my best to tell him that what you are trying to say it cant be done, but he keep on saying that put spaces. Now today he Said me on order page that i already got a buyer so i want to mutually close this offer. now tell me what i should do now ? I have put 8-9 hours effort and time. I already told him that i cant close this order for free. am i right ? wrong ? any suggestions ? now he is saying i am going to report you. Thank you for reply


If you take the mutual cancellation, you will probably not have a negative review. You need to remove your emotion from the equation. It is an $8 sale. You are saying you want the $8 and in return you will get a negative review. Reviews are everything. You need to maintain absolutely no negative feedback.

You will continue to work your gig offering and description until it works well for you. For me it took about 100 deliveries to get the offer right. Sometimes problems were my fault. Sometimes they were the customers fault. But I never accepted anything less than the customer being 100% satisfied.

I gave away about 160 hours on those first gigs to establish my account.

Now after 1300 orders, that discount only amounts to about a 10% loss or discount. But if I never got my Fiverr account off the ground I would have never made the 90% that I made. So in the end it wasn’t a loss.

I also got faster. What use to take 90 minutes, now takes 30 minutes and my product is better.


I have to agree with the above, just agree to the cancellation. You don’t want a negative review which will hurt your business in the long run.


Hey @daniyalhussain , @landongrace is totally in right you have to think long term.

I worked for 7 straight days on my first order and I got only 5$, I wanted to quit fiverr, as I did not wanted to spend so much time for that low money, but that same guy left me awesome review and he pushed me further, now I have 2-3 orders daily and I have to refuse more then 5-10 buyers daily because I go to college and i don’t work here full time.

so my point is: agree on cancellation and continue with best work you can, you don’t want to risk loosing work here because 8$, don’t you ?


Thank you, Yes i mutually cancelled it to avoid negative review. Worst worst buyer. Thank you. But seriously this is so wrong that he has taken advantage of my hard work without paying for it. :frowning: Fiverr need to do something for this.


it is not harmful to your GIG. … but you have to explain to buyer. anyway mutual cancel is not harmful to your GIG.


You know, everything we do on Fiverr is subjective so a negative review shouldn’t bring anyone down. One man’s disgust is another man’s pleasure.

Keep your chin up.