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Please someone give me some order

My gigs are viewed but I am not getting any order. Someone please help!!!

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Hi there @funky2014, how are you doing? I just checked your Gigs, I see that you’re here on Fiverr since 2014, and still have not made a sale yet? How, and why did you wait this long to ask for help?

What I suggest is to start off by changing your profile description. Don’t get me wrong but to me, this is more a description of a 10-year-old who just got his first PlayStation and want to share his beloved games?

You should ask someone who has good English skills to rewrite your profile description and Gig descriptions. I have very difficulties to understand what you’re saying.

In one of your gigs, you’re offering Reiki Healing? Do you think someone will pay you $5 to get him/her a so-called Reiki spell send to him/her? How would you do that??? Be more specific with your gigs. You should add gigs that are relevant to what your skills are. Your visitors will take you more serious and maybe even buy from you. I wish you all the best on your Gigs. Kindly, Humberto


@funky2014 set all your Gigs to the most searched “Keywords” and then offer what others are not offering, Offer good Services with low price in order to make the clients,this is how you can beat other competitors and gradually you an increase your prices.