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Please someone help and suggest me what what should I do to this client

I’m a freelancer working in fiverr from two years with all positive reviews.
A guy ask me to design and customize his blog so give him an offer for only 4 things I have did all and then he keep asking for revision order was big I so can’t cancel it it’s taken my time 4days and 3 night I have worked to deliver him fast but again and again and then he keep adding stuff then I said no and give me 3 star reviews but after 10 days he come again this with another offer but I didn’t accept then he said sorry and I have no other developer no one can do my work my website my work and convince me but this i said no more adding even I have mentioned in offer clearly I asked read before accept and he accepted now he again doing the same thing but this in first place is no no more adding guys please someone help and suggest me what what should I do to this client

You should have blocked the buyer after the first order and when you finish this order, block him for sure!


This offer is Auto completed but he still didn’t review should I block him now

Yes, I would block him now. I have heard blocking works best through the app.

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I just blocked him… after blocking he can’t cancel the order right ?

If the order is marked as completed, then he can’t cancel the order!

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Yes, mam it’s marked complete but Auto marked completed and his work is totally deliver too but he asking for more revision and want me to add more stuff to his blog and want to edit more stuff which are not even present in the offer…

If the order is auto marked as complete, then it is completed so don’t worry about doing anything extra that the buyer is asking for!

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