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Please someone help me out :(

I am a level, two seller. Everything was fine but when i am done my first test form fiver it was a bad result and somedays latter my gig impression and sell is gone i am really shocked! My gig impression and gig sell was fine but now at this moment, I am nothing. Nobody messages me my gig imprison is now only 275 !! I am trying many to many ways to ranking my gig again but it does not work. Someone, please help me want can I do now?

Thank you

So sad brother …Hope You rais Again ingsallah

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Thanks, Brother :slight_smile: Pry for me.

Your profile says level 1.

This may be helpful to you: Getting Through the Sales Slump - UPYOUR


Yes i am doping and thanks for your link this is really helpful

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Yes, and also for me