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Please someone help me out

How can someone assist me way i can get traffic to my gig or some promotional method or way i can get my first sale on fiverr

You need to promote your self on the social media to get traffic.
Please share your Gigs and get the traffic and sale.

Well you have to do that manually. What you can do is share your profile link with your colleagues , friends and family through different media platforms and tell them what you offer. And if you want traffic on your gig offer outstanding services to the customers so that the next time they think of fiverr they come to you. So in short hard work is the only way to get work and promotions on fiverr

This is a problem many people have. You need to specify though also in the GIG description, the deadlines for each GIG, and please check your competition (other persons offering similar services who are at the top of the category).

You can put in similar things they put in to their gig to grab more buyers, and also things that you notice they have that cause their profile to stand out.

Try to out do them, offering a little more than them, for a little less until you have passed the beginner level, then you can raise the prices.

Good Luck!

thank you very much flashstudiofx

thanks rahim3