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Please someone help me

I’m a seller. I have opened a new account in Fiverr And the background removal good quality A few gig gave. I do read the Buyer request very well and send the Buyer request. Many days have passed, and still I am not getting any work. Please help me. What is the reason for not getting my work?


There can be many reasons, but most likely if you are sending a lot of buyer requests then that means that your proposal or your gig is not attractive enough and other people have better proposals tailored for the request.

You can look on this forum for an amazing article that is giving tips on how to write best proposal.


This may be helpful to you:

Thank you very much.
But how can I find in this forum?

Please check the latest topics. There have written many people about “How to new seller got orders” Hope you got too much help from the forum.

You can share your Gig on Social Media to connect with new customers and get more orders

I’m do, But doesn’t work

The magnifying glass (circle with handle) at the top right of the forum is the search bar. Click that and type in your question

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