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Please someone send me a order request

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Begging is not a great strategy.

Also, this is mostly Sellers you are talking at. Customers mostly only come in here to complain when they are upset.

I think you will also find that most people won’t pay for UX as they think this is part of building the thing. Poor thinking but a reality everywhere but the top of town (which Fiverr largely isn’t) which is not in love with begging as a sales position.

Work on generating real sales based on showing work that is more impressive than the average (which on Fiverr is often pretty low in the $5-10 space). Also get rid of all the work until happy, endless revision stuff as that is another form of begging that will bring only pain as is chases away good buyers and attracts bad ones.



Thank you for your time .Very helpful

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Very helpful… Thanks a lot