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Please someone should help me,I don't get orders for months now

I joined fiverr since December but yet no orders, what exactly am I not doing right?
And how do I check in which page my gigs are?
Please professionals here, check my profile and my gigs and let me know where I got it all wrong.


You have 2 good reviews! You are on your way!

Check this out for how to get more orders:


You could put a space between “24” and “hours” in the gig title that says “24hours”.
Maybe add a space after a comma in your other gig.

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Alright Thanks I appreciate

Well, you entered one of the most competitive categories on Fiverr. And your gig image looks just like the sea of images piled up with the competition. Get a video for both gigs. Add some voice to it or something to give it some flair. There is nothing about your image that makes me stop and look.

Add some personality to the gig description.

Add more to the about me.

Remove the word “massively” where you state “massively incorporate with your business”. That is improper use of the word and makes it sound hokey and strange.

Remove about 90% of what you have bolded. If everything is bold then nothing is bold.

You’re highlighting the wrong things. Get rid of the highlighting and save it for special things like:
“24 hours”
You do not want too much highlighted or the highlights become uninteresting.

Last, you’re pricing is low and will be difficult to get high in the search. Fiverr hates $5 jobs now and most people don’t trust the $5 offers as much as they used to.

Good luck.



Thanks,I will take corrections

Thank you. I’m new in Fiverr and your advice helped me a lot. Thanks

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